Best Maintenance Tips From The Team At Lester Glenn Ford

Best Maintenance Tips From The Team At Lester Glenn Ford

Whether you purchased your vehicle from Lester Glenn Ford or not, we want you to get the most out of it!
Taking routine care of your vehicle will help keep you and your car on the road together for many miles and years to come.

We've gathered our favorite maintenance tips, tricks and warning signs from around the web and directly from our Lester Glenn Team here to help you in your maintenance journey.

Make sure to bookmark this page and check back in as it will be updated with additional seasonal and miscellaneous tips!

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance with your vehicle, our service team is here to help. Visit our service center by clicking here.

Maintenance Tips, Tricks and Warning Signs

Saved By The Smell | Common Odors That Mean Our Car Is Trying To Tell us Something

We've all been there. Maybe it just started on your drive home from work today, or maybe you've smelled it for months and have ignored it by adding one more air freshener to your car. Whatever it is, it stinks; and it might just be your car is telling you something important.


Safety First | Here's What Should Be In Your Emergency Kit While On The Road

Whether you're going just around the corner, or on a 4-hour road trip, safety always comes first. Being prepared for the unexpected can save you from unnecessary frustration, difficulties and danger. That's why the team at Lester Glenn Auto Group recommends you travel with an Emergency Supply Kit on a daily basis.