Wear and Use - Get The Details at Lester Glenn Ford

Your lease vehicle is expected to be returned in good condition. However, Ford Credit allows for normal wear and use (please refer to your lease agreement for information regarding vehicle wear and use). Keep in mind: wear and use outside normal guidelines could result in Excess Wear and Use charges.

What is considered Excess Wear and Use?

The following chart provides detailed information about Excess Wear and Use.

DamageNormal Wear and UseExcess Wear and Use
Exterior body panel
dings, dents and scratches
Up to three (3) per panel with
a diameter up to 4 inches
Four (4) or more per panel or any
with  diameter greater than 4 inches
GlassNo glass damageAll glass damage is chargeable (even
small cracks and chips can compromise safety)
LensesScratches and scuffsCracked or broken
WheelsScratches and gouges up to 6 inchesScratches or gouges greater than 6 inches
TiresNo sidewall damage/plugs or
exposed cords/belts
Any sidewall damage/plugs,
exposed cords/ belts or tires that are not an
appropriate match for the vehicle
Interior burn holesUp to two (2) per panel with diameter
up to 1/8 inch
Three (3) or more per panel or any
with diameter greater than 1/8 inch
Interior permanent stainsOne (1) per panel up to 1/2 inchTwo (2) per panel or any greater than 1/2 inch
Interior cuts and tearsUp to two (2) per panel up to 1/2 inchThree (3) or more per panel or any greater than 1/2 inch

Refer to your Red Carpet Lease Agreement for more details about Excess Wear and Use, including:

  • Broken or missing parts (e.g., keys, head restraints, spare tire, charge cord on hybrid/eclectic vehicle)

  • Insufficient or poor quality repairs

  • Mechanical or electrical malfunctions

  • Tires that are not an appropriate match for the vehicle

To help avoid any Excess Wear and Use charges, we recommend necessary repairs be made prior to your vehicle return. Lester Glenn Ford is there for you, should you have any needs or questions about necessary repairs.

Some vehicle damage otherwise considered Excess Wear and Use may be covered by your vehicle insurance. Be sure to allow sufficient time for claim processing and repairs before you return your vehicle.

Excess Mileage

It is important to understand that if you return your vehicle and, the mileage exceeds the amount allowed under your lease, that you will be responsible for the excess miles driven. Please refer to your Red Carpet Lease Agreement for details about mileage allowance and excess mileage charges.

Disposition Fee

A lease Disposition Fee will be applied to returned vehicles, if disclosed on the lease agreement, to help cover related processing costs. The disposition fee may be waived, however, as a renewal incentive offered to customers who are purchasing or leasing new Ford.  See Lester Glenn Ford for current renewal incentives.


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